My Disney Experience Mobile Ordering Update

Image: © Disney

The newest version of the My Disney Experience application has been released, and with it comes a major upgrade to the mobile ordering experience. The graphical user interface has been completely overhauled to provide a much friendlier user experience. We’ve got a few screenshots and details of the changes below.

When navigating on the My Disney Experience application, you can access the new mobile ordering via opening the application, and selecting Order Food from beneath the My Plans section of the menu. You’ll then be prompted to select a dining location. Once you’ve selected your dining location, you’ll want to tap on Order Food. It will bring you to the screen you see below.

This screen will give you the name of the dining location you’ve selected, a window of time to arrive at the dining location to pick up your order, and then anchored bookmarks that will take you to the location in the menu of the option you’ve selected, such as Snacks or Beverages, without having to scroll to the bottom of the screen.

As you scroll through the menu, the graphical anchor bookmark menu will sticky to the top of your screen, and as you scroll through each section, it will underline and colorize the anchor bookmark icon.

This new user interface also includes an Allergy-Friendly menu with selections for those with various food allergies to make it easier to ensure you’re making food choices that will be safe with any food allergy.